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This page is about the “professional me”. If you’d like to know some more about my personal interests, music and stuff: I’m building a blog at elverdesign.com/jp
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I’ve been writing texts all my life.
Commercial, academic, marketing and business plans, English, Dutch and even some in German.
 And yet writing about me is something I’ll never get used to. But I’ll try anyway.

After leaving Nyenrode Business University in 1978 I did some minor jobs before I was drafted into the military. After that experience I did some jobs in the travel industry until I was called upon to temporarily replace a sales executive in my family’s company. An “extensive training” was supplied: “Here are the addresses, this is your car key and why don’t you join your colleague for two days in the field”. I did that for a year and a half and then got involved in the selling of parking equipment, like parking meters, growing from sales rep to business unit manager.

I bought that company in 1988 and sold it in 1995 for a change of horizons. By then it had grown into being the absolute market leader in the field of mobile data processing for municipalities. Several years later I have built additional experience in large scaled companies like Philips and the Dutch railways. I longed for smaller companies as well as ICT so I had some sales and management jobs there as well.

In 1999 I was asked to move to Groningen (great!) and become the integrator of 3 companies that were to be acquired by an holding system. Lesson1: “were to be acquired” means they are not and, for al you know, they may not. It meant I had to go and I was forced to do what I planned to do by the time I was 50 or so, start my own consultancy firm.

Fast forward to 2016 I have enjoyed a lot of consultancy projects, project directorships and have been investing in companies that were, or rather have been, very promising. Lesson 2: Trust your own judgment over that of highly paid consultants and bankers. In the end all my (our) personal resources were lost into a well of alternative fuels and recycling.
They have been very tough lessons and personal dramas but the best part of it is that I still have a marvellous wife and two very sweet and successful daughters. Independent young woman that get more and more into marketing but they have the ability to focus on the really important things in life.
All these experiences, hard lessons and an uncounted number of seminars, training weeks, workshops and the processing of books is now available to an (international) clientele. Harvard, MIT, they’re all great universities but the most useful management lessons are without tuition fee at the the university of life. But they don’t come cheap!

How you can benefit from my experiences as a coach for life or entrepreneurship.

40 years of training, hardship as well as fun and great clients have moulded me into being a consultant with some rare skills and benefits.
Together we can set up a plan, we can make it happen and when the goals are reached I could be pestering you, helping you to tune the plans and work towards the planned successes.
Even better: I’m on a payment system that has it’s roots in “cure and pay”. It’s not for free but a chunk of the money has to be paid when you reach the goals we set out.
The same principle goes to projects: Either fresh from the start or those at the edge of failure. I’ve quite a big mouth but as opposed to others: I co-operate to make it happen!
Experience, knowledge and skills on marketing, sales and management never came that economical!

You can get hold of me either by mail: JP at johnpeter.EU or by phone (Amsterdam time zone!) +31 646 38 28 27
Thank you for reading all this!

In het Nederlands

Dat is nou jammer, dit gedeelte moet nog worden geschreven/vertaald. Tot die tijd kunnen we misschien beter skypen of een keer een goede kop koffie drinken. Schroom niet, bel me! 0646 38 28 27.

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